Monday, January 14, 2013

My Huntsman Hero: Women of sTEAL Fundraising.

One of the hardest days in my life came at the end of May 2012. My daughter found a lump in her abdomen that ended up being three large cancerous tumors.Read our story and help us ride together one more year for the Huntsman Heroes.
LRRH with my daughter 36 hours after her ovarian cancer diagnosis

A few years ago, my daughter and I started a tradition of riding the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride together. Our 80 mile ride was something we both looked forward too. Last year, less than two days before we were supposed to ride, doctors found three very large tumors diagnosed as ovarian cancer. Five days after the discovery, she was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumors and stage her cancer. I thought we should cancel our ride. I worried that 80 miles would be too much for Kalina to ride with those tumors inside of her. She would not hear of canceling our ride. Hotel rooms had been reserved the year before, race registration had been paid and our cycling jerseys had been ordered. None of it mattered to me. I wanted to focus on getting her better. But it mattered to her. For her it was her last chance to be normal before going under the knife. So ride we did.
Kalina's husband and his family surprised her and cheered her on all along the way with signs that spelled their nickname for her. I tried not to cry every time we passed for it reminded me of how many people love her. 

My hero and her husband at the end of the ride.

 I was in awe of my daughter the whole ride. She was brave and never complained even though the tumors made it uncomfortable for her.

The day before the ride.
It has been seven months since the day we last rode together. In that time, my daughter has had to endure two surgeries, each with at least a week in the hospital. She has undergone 7 months of chemotherapy and lost her hair. Her story can be found on her blog at

We have learned that each day we have together is a gift and each ride we ride together is even a bigger gift. We want to ride again.

The Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) ride is also a fundraising event for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Ironically, this is the same hospital where my daughter received her treatment. The Huntsman Heroes Team rides and races in local events to raise money for cancer research. As the time draws near for the 2013 LRRH ride in June, I was eager to join the team. My daughter is one of those heroes and we belonged on the team together. In order for us to ride on the team, we need to raise $1500.00. Those funds go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and are tax deductible.

Please help us raise funds by donating your tax deductible dollars to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in behalf of our team, Women of sTEAL. The Huntsman Center is a 501c profit organization and all donations are tax deductible and go directly to them. Go to our fundraising page by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Donate

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